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My law firm dedicated to the defense of those charged with or under investigation for the commission of state or federal offenses. I am a legal counselor, strategist, and advocate for a wide variety of individuals at all stages of criminal proceedings.

In helping my clients in extremely difficult times, I draw upon my years of legal experience and skill. I am equally comfortable representing clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies, and from trial to appeal. I am fortunate to draw upon my past experience to provide my clients with the highest quality legal advice tailored to their particular needs.

My Offices – Both Easy to Find…

I have two office locations for your convenience — in downtown Los Angeles, and for those in the San Fernando Valley, my Van Nuys office which is real easy to find within 2 blocks of major courthouses and both are 2 blocks from the Metro lines.

Both of my office locations are devoted exclusively to criminal defense for anyone facing criminal charges anywhere in California.
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My Vision And Values

Filling the role of counselor, strategist, advocate, negotiator, and trial attorney, I seek to meet the needs of my clients through aggressive, ethical and honest representation. I observe the highest ethical standards at all times and in all places, and deal honestly and fairly with my clients, opposing parties, and the courts.


My firm strives to obtain the best possible results under difficult circumstances. This success is demonstrated through repeated and consistent referrals from our clients, opposing counsel, and judges. I rely on our successful results to maintain the positive relationships we have with our clients and those they refer to us for representation.

State And Federal Representation

I have represented clients at all stages of criminal proceedings throughout Southern California, the State of California in both state and federal courts.

Proactive and Creative

bench-irlMy firm looks for creative ways to solve my clients’ legal problems. This starts with creative approaches to issues involving law enforcement and prosecutors. If a case reaches the sentencing stage, we look for creative approaches to sentencing. We always try to find ways to mitigate sentencing and avoid incarceration, often by emphasizing rehabilitation.

We have a large array of experts, both psychological and psychiatric, who assist in changing the prosecutors’ and the courts’ views of my clients. There are many imaginative ways to resolve a case without the expense and toll, as well as the uncertainty, of a jury trial. Keeping my clients’ best interests in mind, we can aggressively move forward, always keeping an eye on mitigating any criminal exposure that might exist.

My Goal Is My Clients

My Los Angeles law firm is dedicated to clients. Me and my staff work hard for them and always seek to do what is in their best interests. We also listen to them, many of whom are people who feel like they aren’t listened to enough. Our clients come back for our help when they need to and recommend us to their family and friends.

Client rejects all offers and goes to jury trial. An alleged victim identifies him, his car and license plate, and Police find a replica gun in his dresser. After thoroughly investigating the case, Attorney puts on several witnesses, including Client, who was facing a strike and up to five years in prison if convicted.

Result: Jury Verdict – Not Guilty!

Robbery Charges

Los Angeles Criminal Law Attorney Nicholas RosenbergKnowledge is Power and we will share our knowledge with you when you have us partner with you to defend yourself against the Police, the District Attorney and the Courts…

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